Product Recovery

Product Recovery and Recycling
Future Environmental is dedicated to a total recycling business model, reusing everything from the wastes that companies generate to the containers they are shipped in. Our state of the art processing procedures allow your business to be environmental friendly and at the same time recover profits from recycled products which otherwise would cause an expense.

Oil never wears out, it just gets dirty. By using the newest technologies in filtration and separator/dehydration units your oil can be cleaned, blended, and refined for recyclable uses. We have the capability of recovering products from large spills, separating contaminated product, waste product, tank bottoms, etc.

Future Environmental handles all types of used oils and most non-hazardous products, some including:

• Used Motor Oil • Hydraulic Oil • Non-hazardous Dielectric/Transformer Oil
• Machine/Gear Oil • Industrial Oils • Transmission Fluid • #6 Oil • Heating Oil
• Mineral Oil • Line Wash Oil • Cutting Oil • Petroleum Fuels • Anti-freeze

RECYCLE: Used Oil Filters • Totes • Drums
Used Absorbents • Non-hazardous liquid or solid filled drums